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    Our BTL SIS 6000 corresponds to the latest technology for pain-free regenerative therapy. The system provides pain relief, muscle relaxation, myostimulation and joint mobilization through its focused magnetic induction field.

    Frequency-specific pain management

    Due to the wide range of frequency ranges, the BTL Super Inductive System SIS is applicable to all levels of pain conditions. Pain management is based on three different theories, each with a different frequency spectrum. Therefore, SIS therapy results in immediate improvement of all levels of pain, whether chronic or acute.

    Joint mobilization

    Joint mobilization is achieved through repetitive contractions of the muscles surrounding the joint capsule. The repeated contractions replace manual joint mobilization and lead to restoration of joint play.

    Fracture healing

    The induction field promotes blood circulation in the affected area and supports the formation of the vascular and cartilage callus, resulting in increasing mineralization of the cartilage tissue and remodeling of the bone.


    The interaction of the induction field within the neuromuscular tissue leads to depolarization of the nerves and muscle contractions. Depending on the selected stimulation frequency, facilitation or strengthening of the muscle can be achieved.

    Reduction of spasticity

    By influencing the control of muscle tone at the spinal cord level, increased muscle tone is counteracted. This mechanism is used to treat central motor disorders in which spasticity occurs.

    The most common treatment options
    • Mobilization of the entire spine
    • Shoulder-arm syndrome, calcified shoulder, impingement syndrome
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve regeneration
    • Arthritis and arthrosis of all joints
    • Fracture healing
    • Reduction of spasticity
    • Improvement of respiration
    • Muscle regeneration, prevention of muscle atrophy

    There are no contraindications, except for pregnancy, pacemakers/defibrillators and metal implants in the treatment area. Treatment costs are usually covered for privately insured patients. Billing is in accordance with the current scale of charges for physicians (GOÄ). -note: the text with yellow is only for the Germany, I guess. Except someone has an international medical insurance. Please modify according to the relevant information.

    If you have one of the above-mentioned diseases and are interested in this form of therapy, we will be happy to offer you an individual consultation and therapy planning.

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