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    At the ROC Aschheim, we work with the most innovative and modern therapy methods.
    Any of our therapies can be combined with proven treatments to achieve even better and lasting results.

    Tendon/MeniscusRepair + stem cell therapy

    Are you tired of living with the discomfort and limitations caused by a torn meniscus? Or is a torn tendon causing you problems?

    Would you like a non-surgical solution that can speed up the healing process and restore your mobility? We can help you with our combination therapy!

    Innovative therapies for maximum effectiveness

    We understand the challenges associated with meniscus or tendon tears. That’s why we utilise approaches that combine the best of advanced medical science and the body’s natural healing abilities.

    Step 1 – Refixing the meniscus or a tendon

    Our innovative method first combines a non-invasive meniscus or tendon repair with a special fibrin glue to stabilise the tear for around six weeks.

    The procedure is carried out with the help of our open MRI in order to target the tear with millimetre precision – completely without surgery.

    In many cases, the joint or tendon can be loaded again immediately after the minimally invasive procedure. We use this time window to stimulate the natural growth of the meniscus or tendon so that the injury can grow back together. This often restores full or almost full functionality.

    Step 2 – Support healing with stem cell therapy

    In stem cell therapy, the body’s own stem cells are used and utilised for the body’s own healing process. Foreign substances are not required for this. In stem cell therapy, cells are taken from either the bone marrow or subcutaneous fatty tissue and injected into the target organ structure.

    We obtain the stem cells from abdominal fat, as many studies show that the concentration of stem cells in fatty tissue is up to 500 times higher than in bone marrow.

    How is stem cell therapy carried out?

    First of all, abdominal fat is removed under local anaesthetic.

    This is then processed in the laboratory under the most sterile conditions.

    Finally, the stem cells are infiltrated into the target structure.

    This outpatient procedure is carried out under a gentle local anaesthetic and takes around 45 minutes.

    Relieving pain without surgery

    Stem cell therapy allows us to accelerate your body’s natural healing processes by stimulating tissue regeneration. This promotes both faster recovery and improved tissue growth.

    Minimised recovery time

    Our step-by-step treatment aims to minimise downtime and allows you to return to your daily activities more quickly.

    Personalised treatment plans

    Every person is unique, and so are their healing needs. Our expert team designs personalised treatment plans tailored to your health condition to ensure targeted and effective results.

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