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  • Service – Payment by Instalments

    Health is affordable.

    Healthcare services are increasingly becoming a private matter. We want to give you the freedom to receive the best possible care. Your health is important to us, without restrictions!

    That is why the ROC offers the option of individual payment by instalments.

    Payment in instalments for medical treatment

    As a patient, you can arrange instalment payments for your medical treatment. You benefit from various advantages.

    Your advantages:

    • No proof of income or pension is required. The patient only needs to be of legal age.
    • We offer individual terms of up to 24 months for financing your medical bill
    • Personal contact persons are always available to you.
    • The first 4 months are interest-free. From the fifth instalment onwards, interest will be calculated and communicated to you after Medas* has received the invoice.

    Your health is our top priority!

    *Payment by instalments via MEDAS is currently only possible for patients resident in Germany.

    Please contact us for personalised advice.