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    Many of you probably associate the word MRI with an unpleasantly long waiting time for an appointment as well as a narrow tube with claustrophobia. We want to grant you the fastest and most successful regeneration and therapy possible with our brand-new open MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) was installed in the basement of the ROC Aschheim in January 2023.

    Why MRI?

    MRI allows you to see “inside” the body: It gives the doctor an insight into the condition of soft tissue structures, such as connective, muscle and nerve tissue. The most common questions are a tear in the meniscus, a herniated disc, torn tendons in the shoulder, etc.

    Unlike conventional X-ray equipment, magnetic resonance imaging uses magnetic fields and radio waves to produce its images. Thus, there is no health risk from radioactive waves during an image. An MRI session usually takes about 20-30 minutes.

    However, the MRI serves not only as a diagnostic device, but also as a therapeutic device. With the help of the MRI, we can “hit” the damaged tissue during infiltration, e.g., in the spine, with millimeter precision.

    Read the story of how the 17-ton MRI machine moved into the ROC: check out our blog post.

    Pacemaker MRI

    At the ROC Aschheim, open MRI examinations can be carried out on patients with pacemakers or implanted defibrillators (ICD).

    Thanks to the cooperation with Dr. A. Klein, senior physician for cardiology and specialist for cardiac pacemakers, patients can be safely accompanied through the MRI examination if indicated, so that constant monitoring is guaranteed during the examinations.

    The experienced cardiologist Dr. A. Klein prepares the examinations. The implanted pacemakers are reprogrammed in advance and certain functions of defibrillators are temporarily deactivated.

    After each MRI examination, Dr. A. Klein sets the device back to the way it was programmed before the MRI examination and checks that it is working correctly, and our cardiology specialist will also be happy to answer any other questions you may have about your device.

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