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    In order to successfully treat persistent back pain without surgery, we offer Racz therapy. Also known as the Racz catheter.

    The catheterization method developed in the USA by Dr. Gabor Racz makes it possible to combat pain directly at the nerve root.

    The flexible catheter extends to the segment of the spine that triggers the pain. Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medication can be administered to the inflamed and partially compressed nerves through this catheter.


    The injection site is anesthetized with a local anesthetic during twilight sleep.

    First, the needle is positioned correctly so that the guide wire and catheter can then be inserted into the nerve root. Contrast medium is then infiltrated to ensure the correct positioning of the catheter under X-ray control. This is followed by the infiltration of local anesthetic to make the introduction of further medication pain-free. After this infiltration, 10% NaCl is introduced via the catheter to loosen scarring and adhesions. The final infiltration is the introduction of cortisone to reduce the inflammatory processes.

    After the medication has been infiltrated, the catheter is either removed or remains secured to the patient so that it can be infiltrated again in the further course of treatment.


    • Acute and chronic herniated discs
    • Disc protrusions with nerve root irritation
    • Chronic back pain
    • Spinal canal stenosis
    • Foraminal stenosis
    • Spondylolisthesis
    • Root irritation syndrome

    Advantages of the Racz catheter

    • Low-risk therapy
    • High success rate
    • No scarring
    • No open surgery
    • Can be repeated at any time
    • Also ideal for previously operated patients
    • Targeted treatment of causes

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