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    The new check-up for the whole family

    Our autonomic nervous system regulates all vital functions such as the cardiovascular system, breathing, blood pressure, our immune system, etc. According to clinical studies, excessive activity of the so-called tension nerves promotes disease and thus affects our life expectancy.

    With the VNS analysis, the balance between stress and relaxation can be measured and graphically recorded. If the stress level is elevated, it indicates regulatory disorders (e.g. poor organ regulation) and a significant deterioration of your health condition.

    The VNS analysis is uncomplicated (similar to blood pressure measurement) and therefore an ideal prevention tool for the whole family.

    Take advantage of the benefits:

    • ideal prevention (twice a year)
    • clarification of health and disease prognosis
    • measurement of the current stress level of your body
    • measurement of burnout risk
    • measurement of the current stress management of your body in everyday life
    • checking the effects of medications and therapies
    • analysis and risk assessment of all organs in case of existing diseases