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    Frequently asked questions

    Can I get treated in your practice as a legally insured patient?

    You are welcome to come to me as a legally insured patient. However, you have to bear the cost of the treatment yourself. 

    Do you also examine and treat children?

    Of course, in this particular manner it is best to call the practice briefly or write us an email.

    Why do we have a private practice?

    At the moment it is unfortunately not possible for us to obtain health insurance approval from the National Association of legal Health Insurance Department.
    It is also important to me to conclude a contract directly with every patient, without having to take the unnecessary detour through the health insurance companies for the patient and the treating doctor. This is the only way to ensure the best possible treatment of your problems without any regulations.

    Appointments outside of office hours

    Do you need an appointment outside of regular opening hours? Contact my competent team. We will find a solution.

    What do I have to bring to the first appointment?

    In order to get a comprehensive picture of your complaints, all information is relevant. If you have current recordings or previous findings (last half a year), please bring them with you.

    I had an accident, what should I do?

    Accidents and pain cannot be planned, so we strive to make an appointment for you on the same day, at the latest on the following day.

    Call us: 089-21530 333, make an online appointment or write us an email.

    Can I get a second opinion at the ROC?

    A second opinion is not an “insult” to a competence but a matter of course in case of uncertainty. We are convinced that everyone has a right to several opinions. You should be operated, there is “nothing more to be done”, the possible therapy methods are very expensive…

    Do not hesitate to contact us. There is ALWAYS something to do and the right way for you!

    Do you treat BG / occupational accidents?

    Every patient who is injured can consult a trusted doctor for initial treatment. This means that you are welcome to visit us as a FIRST CONTACT after an accident at work.

    If further therapy or follow-up treatment is necessary, you must consult a doctor with BG approval.

    Do you operate?

    No, we do not reject surgery at all, but we are convinced that many more therapies would be possible without surgery. Our aim is to avoid or postpone surgery. However, if an operation is the most sensible method of therapy, we will be happy to refer you to qualified specialists.

    What is IHHT?


    Altitude training at rest or under stress.

    MITOVIT® hypoxia training usually takes place in a relaxed situation while lying down.

    The application is perceived as pleasant and leads many people to relax and fall asleep during the training. In contrast to the altitude training of athletes, there is usually no sporting activity during hypoxia training. To mimic the stimuli of physical exertion, MITOVIT® hypoxia training works with a more strongly reduced oxygen concentration. As a rule, altitude training of athletes takes place at an altitude of approx. 2,000 – 5,000 metres, which corresponds to an atmospheric oxygen of approx. 16% – 12%.

    What exactly is vnsanalyse®?
    vnsanalyse® is a painless and side-effect-free analysis of the vegetative nervous system.
    This method is used to make diseases in the making visible in good time, even if the laboratory parameters and other examination results do not yet indicate this.
    Our autonomic nervous system regulates all vital functions, such as the cardiovascular system, respiration, blood pressure, our immune system, etc.
    According to clinical studies, excessive activity of the so-called tension nerves promotes disease and thus affects our life expectancy.
    With the VNS analysis, the balance between stress and relaxation can be measured and recorded graphically.
    If the stress level is elevated, this causes regulatory disorders (e.g. poor organ regulation) and means a significant deterioration in your health.
    The vns analysis is uncomplicated (similar to measuring blood pressure) and therefore an ideal prevention tool for the whole family.
    What are the advantages of the vnsanalysis®?
    • Ideal prevention (twice a year)
    • Clarification of health and disease prognosis 
    • Measurement of the current stress level of your body
    • Measurement of burnout risk
    • Measurement of the current stress management of your body in everyday life
    • Checking the effects of medication and therapies
    • Analysis and risk assessment of all organs in case of existing diseases