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    Working at a computer is unavoidable for many patients. The increased use of home office intensifies the increase of posture-related muscle tension, e.g., due to incorrect sitting position or non-ergonomically designed workstations.

    In order to provide you with relief as quickly as possible, we at ROC offer you the possibility of objectively presenting the causes of these tensions or muscular deficits: by means of electromyography, also known as EMG.

    What is electromyography?

    Electromyography is an electrophysiological method in neurological diagnostics in which electrical muscle activity is measured using action currents of the muscles and displayed as an electromyogram. In other words, electromyography is a painless and informative method of identifying complaints in any muscular area.

    How is an electromyographic examination performed?
    1. Resting tone measurement (muscles are not stimulated):
      Hypertonic and dysbalanced muscle parts are shown in comparison with reference data
    2. Maximum muscle tension:
      Automatic analysis of muscle atrophies (=weakening of muscle cells) and activation deficits in a right-left comparison
    3. Functional test:
      Assessment of coordinative deficits during standardized movement sequences.

    Based on these results, we can explain to you precisely and in detail why your pain occurs, and how we can treat it most quickly and best, and what you can do yourself to avoid such discomfort in the future.

    Electromyography allows us to give you practical, condition-improving exercises for the workplace as well as for leisure time as a result of the measurement analysis.