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    We offer more.

    We offer our patients various treatment methods and special services. These can also be used to accompany therapy or as a preventive measure.

    With a broad network of specialists, we can not only work very well, but also quickly interdisciplinary cooperation.

    Other services at the ROC Aschheim:

    Second opinion
    A second opinion is not an “insult” to a competence but a matter of course in case of uncertainty. We are convinced that everyone has a right to several opinions.
    It’s better to get to the bottom of assumptions such as “they should be operated, there is nothing more to do, the possible therapy methods are very expensive…”
    Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us. There is ALWAYS something to do and the right way for you!
    Quick help for injuries and acute pain
    We help quickly with acute pain
    • accidents
    • lumbago
    • Joint blockage
    • Sprain
    • Contusion

    Rapid clarification of the consequences of injury and cause of pain

    • X-ray and ultrasound diagnostics
    • Further imaging (MRI or CT/DVT)
    • Initiation of customised pain treatment
    • Oral pain medication and local application
    • Infiltration treatment
    • focused shock wave treatment (ESWT)
    • Provision of remedies and aids
    • Physiotherapy (physiotherapy, manual therapy)
    • Wound care and provision of other aids such as bandages/orthoses
    At the ROC, we naturally also offer bandage and plaster therapy. We can also prescribe aids such as orthopaedic bandages and orthoses, which can be used for complaints in the joints and larger regions of the body such as the back or thigh.
    Orthopaedic insoles for every situation!

    Your feet, your complaints, your goals – and the insoles to match: we help you get the orthopaedic insoles you need. Orthopaedic insoles provide support, cushioning, support, activation or guidance – according to your needs.

    The majority of the population spends most of their working time sitting at a desk. Back pain and tension are commonplace and often lead to absence from work. In order to minimise health complaints and the associated downtime, it is important to raise awareness of healthy working practices.

    This is countered by a dedicated workplace analysis with suitable work equipment.

    Here we support you in uncovering deficiencies that can often be remedied with small changes.

    We offer you a check-up to quickly recognise incorrect posture and correct it at an early stage. The aim is to identify damage to joints, bones and ligaments. Using the latest imaging techniques such as a 4D full-body scan, ultrasound, MRI, DVT or gait analysis, we can find the causes and minimise risks together by taking countermeasures tailored to you.
    If it is not possible for you to come to the ROC practice, we offer home visits by appointment in exceptional cases. Please make an appointment here (link to make an appointment).
    To ensure that our youngest patients also receive good care and advice, you can of course also come to us for paediatric orthopaedic questions.
    Early detection and treatment are important in order to prevent the deterioration of diseases and to avoid surgical interventions as far as possible.

    We also provide our young patients with preventative support in this regard:

    • Foot deformities
    • poor posture
    • spinal curvature etc.
    Service - Payment by instalments

    Health is affordable

    Healthcare services are increasingly becoming a private matter. We want to give you the freedom to receive the best possible care. Your health is important to us, without restrictions!
    That is why the ROC offers the option of individual payment by instalments.

    Payment in instalments for medical treatment

    As a patient, you can arrange instalment payments for your medical treatment. You benefit from various advantages.

    Your advantages:

    • No proof of income or pension is required. The patient only needs to be of legal age.
    • We offer individual terms of up to 24 months for financing your medical bill
    • Personal contact persons are always available to you.
    • The first 4 months are interest-free. From the fifth instalment onwards, interest will be calculated and communicated to you after Medas has received the invoice.
    Your health is our top priority!

    Please contact us for personalised advice.