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    Physiotherapy is a proven and long-standing technique for treating limitations in the human body’s ability to move and function. Surgery and the use of medication can be avoided or reduced through a positive course of treatment.

    Thanks to high-class training and regular advanced training, we are not only up to date in the field of physiotherapy, but also offer you a wide range of different techniques and therapies. So, you get the best possible care at all times.

    Lea Krause
    Lea Krause


    • Manual therapy
    • Respiratory therapy for severe lung diseases
    • Sports physiotherapy

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    Manual therapy

    Special mobilization techniques to restore the interplay between joints, muscles and neural structures and correct dysfunctions.

    Respiratory therapy for the treatment of cystic fibrosis

    and similar, comparably severe respiratory diseases – breathing techniques for clearing the respiratory tract (secretolysis), strengthening the respiratory muscles, inhalation.

    Sports physiotherapy

    Support of regeneration in competition phases, guided re-entry into training after sports injuries, focused training to improve dysbalances.

    Medical training

    Holistic training to improve the general state of movement, avoid surgery, rebuild specific muscle parts after surgery.


    Active and passive gymnastics to improve posture and mobility.

    Craniomandibular Therapy

    Improvement of an existing functional disorder of the temporomandibular joint through special hand grips and mobilization techniques.

    Kinesio taping

    Kinesiotape is used for various ailments and injuries. The body’s own healing process is stimulated by providing support and stability without affecting mobility.