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    Our proven nucleoplasty for disc damage


    Nucleoplasty is a minimally invasive therapeutic procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis.n.

    Since no skin incision is required for nucleoplasty, this procedure is not strictly speaking a classic operation. The procedure can be used for bulging discs (protrusion or prolapse), provided that the fibrous ring of the disc is still intact.

    Access to the intervertebral disc is gained through a hollow needle which is inserted into the disc under fluoroscopic control. A working probe is inserted through this hollow needle, which is capable of dissolving and aspirating intervertebral disc tissue. The tissue is dissolved with the help of so-called RF plasma technology. This technology is able to “vaporize” intervertebral disc tissue through the action of a plasma ion field without generating harmful heat.


    This procedure is used for bulging discs (protrusion and prolapse) of the lumbar spine and cervical spine to reduce or stop the pressure of the disc on the nerve.

    The advantages:

    • Proven method with over 70,000 procedures worldwide, 10,000 of them in Germany alone
    • Minimally invasive; performed under X-ray control
    • No general anesthesia necessary
    • Complication rate significantly minimized compared to open procedures
    • Procedure is performed on an outpatient basis – duration approx. 45 minutes
    • Fast recovery

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