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    Your way to a painless life.

    Osteoarthritis is one of the most widespread conditions in Germany – with around 5 million sufferers experiencing severe pain. Even if the wear and tear on the joints cannot be reversed, we at ROC Aschheim offer stem cell therapy, a modern procedure that can sustainably alleviate or even completely eliminate your pain.

    What are stem cells?

    Stem cells are cells from which different types of tissue can arise. They therefore do not yet have a function and transform for example into the same cell type as the contact cell when they come into contact with a special tissue.

    What is stem cell therapy?

    In stem cell therapy, the body’s own stem cells are used and utilized for the body’s own healing process. Foreign substances are not required for this. In stem cell therapy, cells are taken either from bone marrow or subcutaneous fat tissue and injected into the target organ structure. In most cases, stem cells are taken from adipose tissue. Harvesting from other tissues is also possible, because stem cells are found in most tissues of the human body.

    We obtain stem cells from abdominal fat, as many studies show that the concentration of stem cells in adipose tissue is up to 500 times higher than in bone marrow.

    How is stem cell therapy carried out?

    This outpatient procedure is performed under gentle local anesthesia and lasts approximately 45 minutes.

    • In the first step, 30 ml of subcutaneous adipose tissue is harvested from the lower abdominal fat.
    • In the second step, the stem cells are isolated by a multi-stage centrifugation and preparation process.
    • In the last step, the stem cell concentrate is injected into the affected joint body.
    Relieve pain without surgery

    By performing stem cell therapy on an outpatient basis, important functions can be improved and thus, in many cases, a long-lasting reduction in symptoms can be achieved. Shortly after the treatment you are fit for everyday life again.

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