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    Identify possible causes of pain

    Many of our patients suffer from back pain. The causes are either structural or functional changes such as a malposition of the pelvis (pelvic obliquity), muscle tension or, of course, the consequences of injuries.

    Each back pain must be considered individually in order to make the correct diagnosis and resulting therapy.

    In order to be able to depict structural changes, it requires images such as X-rays, CT or MRI. Except for the MRI, this means radiation exposure for our patients’ bodies, which we would like to avoid if possible. With 4D spine column measurement, we can provide you with meaningful images of functional changes – without exposing your body to radiation.

    What is 4D Scan?

    4D spine column measurement can identify the causes of physical discomfort or misalignment of the spine:

    • 4D whole-body diagnostics with 2 million measuring points
    • Free of radiation and side effects
    • Virtual 3D spine
    • Knee analysis
    • 3D leg axis measurement and heel angle analysis
    • Dynamic gait and walking analysis
    • Thermography – 3D display of thermal images
    • Dynamic pedobarography* (note: this * is not point any content on the website)

    With this innovative technology, we can create an optimal therapy or therapy plan for you.

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