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    • „Bei Herrn Dr. Filesch handelt es sich um einen super freundlichen und kompetenten Arzt. Auch seine Mitarbeiter(innen) verdienen die Bestnote. Von der "Aufnahme" bist zur Behandlung und Erörterung veschiedener Behandlungsmöglichkeiten blieben keine Wünsche offen. Diese Praxis ist nur zu empfehlen.‟
  • Dezső EszényiDezső Eszényi
    18:09 20 Nov 23
    I am very satisfied with ROC Aschheim - orthopedics private practice - Dr. med. Daniel Filesch, orthopedic surgeon, and the staff at his clinic. Dr. med. Daniel Filesch examined me very thoroughly and explained to me in detail the cause of my problem and the treatment options. The service staff was also very nice, helpful and professional. You answered all of my questions and requests quickly and politely. The clinic is clean, modern and well equipped. I can Dr. I can only recommend med. Daniel Filesch and his team to everyone who has an orthopedic problem.
    Manfred SchachermayrManfred Schachermayr
    08:29 26 Oct 23
    In addition to professional medical care, the service concept is also a valuable asset at ROC. Appointments are kept without long waiting times. The employees are friendly and nice. They give the patient a feeling of family and that they are welcome.
    Paul CociorvanPaul Cociorvan
    21:28 17 Oct 23
    1.1/2 year old heel spur material has come to an end here.I can't express my gratitude to you enoughDoctor treated: Dr FileschMaybe also worth considering for health insurance patients ;-)
    Tim FellnerTim Fellner
    16:48 13 Oct 23
    I arrived at the practice today (October 13th) after a long train ride and very little sleep. What can I say, whether the treatment helped me, I will add in some time, but I have rarely felt so welcome, cared for and treated competently. Everyone was very nice and highly professional. I've been running to doctors for years and my pain has never gotten better, but it was only the ROC practice in Aschheim that really listened. Thanks in advance for that. See you soon and best regards
    Steffi SengerSteffi Senger
    06:01 11 Oct 23
    I can only report positive things. Super fast scheduling even for acute problems. Time is taken for a comprehensive diagnosis and advice. Modern practice and young, motivated team.
    Markus FuchsMarkus Fuchs
    06:24 27 Sep 23
    I am very satisfied with the doctors and the practice team. Very friendly staff and you feel like you're in top hands. The treatment methods are state-of-the-art and the doctors are very competent and friendly! I can only recommend the practice.
    Ying SYing S
    21:01 23 Aug 20
    The doctor is nice and the price is right for me 😝
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