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    MITOVIT® hypoxia training usually takes place in the practice in a relaxed situation while lying down.

    The application is perceived as pleasant and leads many to relax and fall asleep during it. In contrast to the altitude training of athletes, there is usually no sporting activity during hypoxia training. To mimic the stimuli of physical stress, MITOVIT® hypoxia training uses a more reduced oxygen concentration. As a rule, altitude training of athletes takes place at an altitude of about 2,000-5,000 meters, which corresponds to an atmospheric oxygen of about 16% – 12%.

    Take advantage of the positive effects and benefits of altitude training:

    • higher mitochondrial performance
    • strengthens the immune system
    • stress resistance provides balance in the vegetative nervous system
    • promotes concentration
    • increased protection against oxidative stress
    • stimulates fat metabolism (faster weight reduction)
    • good for cardiovascular system
    • shortens regeneration times

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